Custom Wire Harness Assembly

Custom Wire Harness Commercial Machine Wire Harness

  • Product Details:  


Wire standard:
UL, CSA, VDE. as per clients' requests
Wire Conductor:
Stranded Tinned Copper
Wire Size:
8AWG~26AWG, 0.5mm2~10mm2
Connector brand:
Molex, JST, TE...


we can customize equipment wire harness in accordance with customer's requests.

Please send us drawing for them we engineer will quote for you.


Our Commitment to CARE Helps customers Succeed

Products we help customer to design and manufacturing:

  • ★Equipment Wiring Harness 
  • ★Molded Cable Assembly / Custom Molded Cable Assemblies
  • ★Waterproofing Cable Assemblies / M6 Waterproofing Cable / M8~M12 Connector Cabling
  • ★Electrical Wire Assemblies / Industrial Cable Harness / Medical Wire Assemblies
  • ★Data Cable / Ethernet Cable Wiring / D-sub cable / USB cable / RJ45 Cable
  • ★Strain Relief / Grommets 
  • ★Connectors distribution(TE,MOLEX,JST.etc)

  • Our Team Core strength:
  • ▲ Supporting services(One-stop wire harness solution)
  • ▲ Quality Assurance(IATF16949, UL, ROHS, REACH, CE, ISO9001, IPC620)
  • ▲ Competitive Prices in market 
  • ▲ One time delivery

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