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MINI SAS To Sata cable

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    36P SFF8087 To 4 SATA 7Pin cable

    SFF8654  SFF8644  SFF8643 SFF8088  SFF8484 


Product description:

1 Mini SAS HD Introduction

March 2012 began a new Mini SAS HD R & D, and dual-port density and low-key as a PCIe card support 6 and 12Gbps SAS applications. The new products, including a connector / card structure and direct-attach copper cables with SAS 2.1 standard and supports the latest SAS protocol for high-speed data transmission in a storage area network (san), data center, switching applications procedures. Mini SAS HD interconnect is fully compatible with 2.1 and SFF SAS - 8644 industry standards.


2 Mini SAS HD Cable Introduction

Mini SAS HD direct-attach cables, can provide 4 x (4 channels) or 8 x (8 Channel) cable plug configurations have been developed for the easy wire routing. Wire design combines brand cable outlet 4 pairs double TurboTwin telegraph cable connector backshells, for greater flexibility and tighter bend radius, the wire can be 4 pair cable. The two most shielded wire package aluminum foil and copper braid letter maximize signal integrity and reduce EMI radiation.


In addition, each Mini SAS HD cable incorporates an industry-compliant eepm signature, allows the host to recognize the cable and auto-configuration system settings to optimize the transmission of data signals. One of the key mechanical properties Mini SAS HD connector cable plug is an enhanced pull-to-release hooks, spring hooks at La reduces the insertion force to increase their retention force on the plug with safety and stability. Mini SAS HD cable must have three sizes (26, 28 and 30 AWG) and a length from 0.5 to 7M.


3 Mini SAS HD editing features and advantages


(1)  fully integrated press-fit design of the container, provides a step placement PCB.


(2)  multi-port function added to allow or 4 x 8 x cable is mated 1-by-2 or 1-by-4 integrated connector.


(3)  integrated container design can be integrated into the radiator, allowing hot solutions long-reach, active optical applications.


(4)  passive - and active-copper cable options available, the ability to extend the reach of copper wire and active.


(5)  4 x 8 x backshell options and more flexible cable options.


(6)  Highest-density AOC design, almost double the current density QSFP + AOCs, allows you to choose to use more ports.


(7)  cable is in line with SAS-3 (12 gbp s) (system and optical-mode capability), InfiniBand * (10 gbp s), Ethernet (10 gbp s) and other agreements. Meet the next generation as well as many existing industry standards.

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